Simon Hedger - Wood Sculptor - Chainsaw Carving

Simon creates large installations for both the public and private sector. From the roots of traditional carving Simon specializes in figurative, interactive pieces that are developed through a constant flow of dialogue between himself and the client or community he is working with.

After an initial consultation Simon can produce detailed drawings of the sculptures and agree size, price, wood used and time scale before commencing work.

Simon's carvings are unique creations that have been researched so that they not only tell a story but also catch the imagination of all who see them.

Simon has full public liability and has chainsaw certification.

You Tube video...

Simon has recently added a video to You Tube of him carving a man's face. The video shows a time lapse version of the process and then the finished carving. Click here to see the video on Youtube

Latest Sculptures

Alice in Wonderland
Alice & The Mad Hatters signpost
Alice & the Mad Hatter
Alice in Wonderland

A private commission carved in Cedar, replicating a print from the original story.... All directions point to the Mad Hatter...

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